Company update: Changing the way Health Professionals receive Better Nature

Company update: Changing the way Health Professionals receive Better Nature

Over the past few years at Better Nature, we have worked hard developing relationships with our B:B customers, however by utilising a traditional approach of supplying through wholesalers we have always been “one step removed” from being able to create a truly meaningful relationship. We are removing that barrier by changing the way our customers receive Better Nature by launching a new direct approach.

The world is changing with more and more customers wanting to deal directly with brands to have a more intimate relationship. This change has been evolving in many countries and some great examples of companies who have successfully created an enhanced buying experience for their customers by dealing direct include: 

 These companies have all been able to offer an alternative experience for their customers to the “industry norm” and that new option has been embraced by their clients and we aim to do the same with our natural pain relief products.

We want to take our offering to the next level and “cut out the middle-man”, so we can offer our customers the best value possible.

This means we can now offer: 

  • Direct wholesale prices, available via an online wholesale account
  • Extra margin for our customers who retail Better Nature
  • A great customer experience by dealing direct  

 With this exciting change, we’re now working creatively on resources and training materials to be available via our website. This means our B:B customers (and their team) will be able to access these when they need them.

We also note that a lot of our clients are small to medium sized businesses who not only have to be great health care professionals but also need to run and grow their business. To help support this aspect of our customers’ requirements, we will be establishing a section within our website offering business coaching tips in collaboration with a well know presenter (more to come on this in coming months).

It’s so important to us that our customers have the materials and support they need to not only successfully promote Better Nature with their clients but also to grow their businesses, as we grow if our customers grow. We will be doing this by dealing direct and offering wholesale prices whilst continuing to offer our high quality, Australian made products.

To take a look at the wholesale prices, effective as of 03/08/2021, login to your Better Nature Wholesale Account OR apply for one today.

If you are new to Better Nature, we are keen to engage with you and thought we would provide some background on Better Nature to get to know us a little better.

  • Better Nature is an Australian owned company with all products manufactured locally
  • Our formulations are evidence based and made from 100% naturally sourced ingredients  
  • Created specifically for Health Professionals and to meet their clients’ needs
  • Assists in the relief of musculoskeletal pain and inflammation and aids in tissue repair and recovery
  • Broad action, topical, musculoskeletal pain and inflammation relief designed to optimise injury recovery and manage chronic conditions
  • Proprietary combination of proven ingredients that affect pain and inflammation through multiple molecular pathways – resulting in our signature broad action approach
  • Our products contain no chemical or synthetic ingredients unlike many pain relief products on the market that contain naturally sourced “actives” but use a synthetic base formulation or preservatives

As a next step in introducing Better Nature, we would like to offer you some of our products to trial.

The suite of products we would like to offer (listed below) is a full-size Trial Pack (valued at $119.70). We would like to offer this to you for just $20.00 (to cover postage and handling costs).

  • 2 x Pain Relief Cream (Regular) 50g
  • 2 x Pain Relief BalmX (Heating) 50g
  • 2 x Pain Relief Sports Gel (Cooling) 75g

Why are we doing this? We are confident in our products and want to give Australian Health Care Professionals an opportunity to try our unique products.

If you would like to take up this offer, register here

Please let us know if there is anything we can assist you with by contacting us at