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Velbexx17 to Better Nature

The Velbexx17 products you know and love are now branded as Better Nature!Velbexx17 Balm, Cream and Velbexx17 Pain Relief Gel, both being topical analgesic and anti-inflammatory products are the invention of Velimir Pajic.

They stem from a passion about research and development for new over the counter complementary, listed and registered medicine products that deliver natural health and wellness outcomes utilising natural medicine, phytomedicine, nanomedicine and musculoskeletal science.

This product range and more are now part of and called Better Nature. Our health and wellness products combine innovative science with naturally sourced ingredients to improve health and wellness.

Currently holding one product range (Pain Relief) to help the wellness of muscle, joint and bone health, Better Nature has plans to create an extensive range of products, including a 100% natural skincare. 

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