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Working with Health Professionals

Better Nature, working with Health Professionals.

Health professionals across Australia are looking for natural alternatives when treating patients, with more people being conscious of what they're putting on and into their bodies, the more there's a need to support this fast moving societal shift. Not only is this beneficial for the client, this benefits the everyday practitioner by using safer products on a day-to-day basis.

Why Velimir Pajic developed a natural topical pain relief?

Better Nature's founder, Velimir Pajic a Physiotherapist and R&D Scientist developed the Better Nature topical pain relief range to cover a spectrum of pain presentations and conditions offering solutions for patient care, both in the clinic and at home. The reason Velimir is so passionate about creating this product range comes down to when he was consulting many years ago. The products in this particular clinic where Velimir practised were giving him adverse reactions from using them consistently, this set Vel on a new pathway...  See a video of Velimir explaining this below or here

Velimir then went on to develop Velbexx17 and from this created Better Nature. Better Nature offers a high quality product range that is effective in providing an analgesic and therapeutic affect for pain symptoms associated with arthritis, neck and back pain, headaches, muscle aches, strains and other ailments within the musculoskeletal system. Velimir understands that convenience and effective products used within the clinic are essential and to this day is still a licensed Physiotherapist and R&D Scientist.

What some Health Professionals say...

"At Ocean Village Physiotherapy we focus on your return to Sport and Life activities in a given faster time frame. Effective pain relief from day one is crucial and we are very happy to advise using one of Better Nature’s different pain relief creams. From day one consult, we trial and use Better Nature to complement our hands on therapy. We strongly believe over 90% of clients immediately benefit from soft tissue. Our lead Sports Physiotherapist Simon Bowman has had great response with the use of Better Nature to the point he will guarantee satisfaction or offers your money back."
- Simon Bowman from Ocean Village Physiotherapy 

I have been using the regular cream in my hand therapy practice for a while now and my patients love it! Amazing pain relief for arthritis, muscle aches/tightness and even nerve pain! It has a pleasant smell and doesn’t leave an oily residue like some other creams I’ve tried. I can’t wait to try the cooling gel and heating cream!
- Nicole Perera

Where can you buy Better Nature products and how much do they cost?

Ask your local Health Care Distributor if they range Better Nature products, purchase direct from Pharmacies nation-wide or create an account directly with Better Nature. Create an account here. By creating an online account you can shop the Better Nature Pain Relief range at a special Health Professional rate. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to get in-touch, we'd love to share our journey with you. 

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