Our story

Better Nature Pain Relief was conceived by Velimir Pajic, a medical doctor by training and practicing Physiotherapist. In addition to full-time work as a physio assistant, Vel was looking after premier division soccer clubs. He was spending seven days a week providing therapeutic PT and loving every moment of it. 

In August of 1998, Vel was working with Swan IC when he was given a 500g tub of a topical analgesic which he applied to all the players. Almost immediately, his hands and arms began burning, even though he had repeatedly washed his hands. Then they went numb.

Alarmed at the reaction he was experiencing, Vel vowed to never let anyone else suffer the same way. Vel set out to develop a topical analgesic and anti-inflammatory treatment that was different to the rest. He wanted to create something safe to use on the body that could be applied to a multitude of patients. It had to stand up to repeated use throughout the day by healthcare professionals. Vel envisioned a range of products that are:

- Gentle on hands
- Effective
- Made with quality ingredients
- Manufactured in Australia

Originally launched as Velbexx-17 in 2005, Vel realised his dream for a gentle, everyday topical analgesic with 23 different points to satisfy patients.

In 2018, Vel joined forces with Better Nature. Together they worked to optimise the formulation to create a range of pain relief products that are 100% naturally sourced.

Today, Better Nature Pain Relief products are well- known to a large community of allied healthcare professionals and their patients who want a gentle but effective topical analgesic.

To read Vel's full story from migrating to Australia from the war torn Balkans, restarting his career path, becoming a Physio in Australia and “turning into a bear” click here.  

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Sourced from nature, backed by science.

The ingredients we source must meet our strict quality first approach and obtain organic certification, best extraction method and a certificate of analysis (CoA) to provide full transparency about every ingredient we use.

From raw ingredient to pain relieving formulations, we follow rigorous processes ensuring our products remain the highest quality.

❤ Australian made

At Better Nature we always consider the flow-on effects of our purchasing decisions. When we buy Australian Made products, we are helping support local businesses, manufacturers, local growers and communities across our nation. Better Nature is an Australian owned business with all products manufactured in Australia.