Nature Enhanced by Science

Better Nature

Better Nature is built upon 20 years of experience producing naturally sourced health and wellness products. 

Over a period of 20 years, Velimir Pajic, an Australian Physiotherapist developed the Better Nature Pain Relief products while working with high performance athletes, elderly and arthritis patients. Velimir was frustrated with the product offerings for musculoskeletal inflammatory relief for himself and his patients. He believed the products were in-effective and posed a safety hazard for anyone who handled the products many times per day.


Better Nature will continuously push the boundaries of the health and wellness landscape by taking the finest naturally sourced ingredients and enhancing them with scientific innovation.

Better Nature Pain Relief includes various natural products from traditional medicine backgrounds which have been shown to suppress pro-inflammatory pathways and control inflammation-associated disease.

Creating an effective and stable Pain Relief using 100% naturally sourced ingredients requires substantial R&D efforts. Better Nature has invested in specific formulation expertise, university collaborations and sourcing of quality naturally-derived ingredients to deliver stand-out products that bring both pain relief, quality and comfort.


Better Nature has sourced the finest natural ingredients from around the globe. 

Better Nature Pain Relief formulations utilise 100% naturally sourced active ingredients with known therapeutic effects while including highly moisturising properties through excipient ingredients. Active ingredients include Capsaicin, Arnica montana, Wintergreen oil, Eucalyptus oil, St John’s Wort and Rosemary oil.


At Better Nature our vision is to be a world leading provider of high-quality pain relief products by combining innovative science with naturally sourced ingredients that improve lives.