Nature Enhanced by Science

Better Nature

Better Nature is built upon 20 years of experience producing naturally sourced health and wellness products. 

Combining naturally sourced ingredients and innovative science, Better Nature provides a 100% natural and holistic approach when treating aches and pains.  Better Nature was innovated by founder, Velimir Pajic. A Research and Development Scientist and Physiotherapist.  Velimir's passion for formulating was to create a range of products to help people with a variety of ailments on a day-to-day basis.


Better Nature will continuously push the boundaries of the health and wellness landscape by taking the finest naturally sourced ingredients and enhancing them with scientific innovation. 


Better Nature has sourced the finest natural ingredients from around the globe. 

They include plants, herbs and marine based organic compounds that have been combined to deliver an effective range of products.  All products are cruelty free, vegan or vegetarian. The Better Nature product range is not the alternative, it is the way forward.


By establishing an authentic reason for being, Better Nature offers consumers a partnership, enabling them to understand the true consequences of their consumption and an opportunity to feel positive about those choices.

Better Nature delivers holistic health and wellness solutions, building trust across a broad range of products  for a broad range of ailments.