We have many people reach out to us about the difference our products have in their lives and we want to share some of them with you.

A friend advised me to try this product as I have shoulder pain. The pain was so bad one night that I decided to purchase this product the next morning. After applying, my shoulder pain had gone in less than 10 minutes. I had tried many alternatives before, and few mildly worked. I highly recommend Better Nature to anyone!

Paul J.

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I love Better Nature. I've been using Better Nature after a meniscus tear. Better Nature is more soothing and the gentle heat is lovely. I also inhale Better Nature for sinus relief, and it's lovely on aching neck and shoulders.

Lia B.

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I am finding Better Nature very helpful treating neck and shoulder pain; stops nerve tingling in my feet; scent clears the head. Love that the gel does not stain clothing or bedding and that the products are made in Australia from natural sources. Just about to order more.

Gillian P.

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I have been using the cream in my hand therapy practice for a while now and my patients love it! Amazing pain relief for arthritis, muscle aches/tightness and even nerve pain! It has a pleasant smell and doesn’t leave an oily residue like some other creams I’ve tried. I can’t wait to try the cooling gel and heating cream!

Nicole P.

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I’m using the regular cream and it’s great for my ankle injury pain relief as well as my kids’ growing pains in their knees. Works much better than other chemist creams I’ve tried.

Dayna F.

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100% Naturally Sourced

Our products are made from the finest naturally sourced ingredients world wide.


Australian Made & Owned

Our products are manufactured locally in Australia. 


Cruelty Free

We didn't harm any animals in the making of our products.